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Testing Services

Cal Weld performs a broad range of testing services to ensure the products we manufacture meet or exceed customer specifications. These services are also available to customers to validate or characterize the integrity of non-Cal Weld manufactured components and systems. Testing services include:

Leak Testing
• Helium inboard testing with detection sensitivities down to the to 1x10-11 range
• Helium outboard testing with detection sensitivities down to the to 1x10-6 range
• Pressure decay testing up to 2500 psi
• Static Pressure Testing up to 2500 psi
• Hydrostatic testing with pressures up to 200 psi
• Liquid submersion outboard testing
• Liquid bubble outboard testing
Purity Testing
Particle testing with laser particle detection down to .01 micron at 1.0 CFM flow
Moisture, hydrocarbon and other testing methods are also available
Specialized Testing
Cal Weld provides and facilitates a broad range of additional tests. Please contact us…
Also see the “Device Services” section for additional testing services.

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